MTA Server Rules

1. Respect Admins, VIP's, and NIR Members
Admins and VIP's are there to make sure the game is fun. DO NOT PRETEND to be an Admin, VIP, or NIR Member, DO NOT INSULT Admins and VIP's, and listen to what they say. Anyone who doesn't respect an Admin or VIP can result in a mute or possibly a ban. ANY attemps to login to the server as an Admin, VIP, or impersonate NIR Members, will result in an instant ban.

2. Respect Other Players
Everyone just wants to have fun, so try to respect eachother. That means no racism, and no constant arguing with other players.

3. No Swearing / Foul Language
Foul language is not tolerated on the server. Those found repetedly swearing / using foul language will be permanently muted. This also includes swearing / foul language in names as well. We know that the game itself uses foul language, but we try to run a clean server for all to have fun.

4. No Advertising
Absolutely no advertising on the server, that includes Websites, Other Servers and Teams/Clans.

5. No Teamkilling
DO NOT kill your teammates. If you are a Cop, DO NOT repetedly ram or try to kill other Cops. Please try not to block other Cops. If you lose control / spin out, let others pass before resuming a chase. If you are a Robber, DO NOT repetedly ram or try to kill other Robbers.

This one is obvious. ANYONE (yes, even regulars) caught with a cheat/hack will be IMMEDIATLY banned. There is no point in cheating/hacking in Cops and Robbers, unless you really can't drive, in which case you shouldn't be playing. Cheaters/Hackers are the lowest of the low, and are not welcome on the server. This includes ANY bug exploits.

Admins may enforce rules as they see fit, so be sure to listen to them.

Finally, If your ping is extremely high, or you are AFK for at least the duartion of 2 maps, we reserve the right to kick you. Don't worry, you won't be banned.